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Crate Hire


Our Commercial Crate Hire service is a fantastic service designed to protect the transportation of your items either in an office, school, university or library move.

Our crates are made of strong toughened plastic to provide the highest durability to ensure the safe moving of heavy and sometimes fragile items from one area to another. Furthermore, they come complete with lids so they can be sealed with nylon tags for added security.

Most of our customers that hire our crates out do so out of convenience so you’ll only ever have to pay for them when you need them.

Whether you are carrying out an internal move yourself or enlisting a professional moving company like The Removal Team, you can rest assured that your items will be kept safe and secure in our quality lidded crates.

We promise we’ll:

    • Send a Surveyor to your premises completely FREE of charge to assess exactly how many crates you require so you don’t overspend by renting out too many.
    • Deliver quality clean crates to you at the precise time and day we say we will so your staff aren’t waiting around when starting to pack.
    • Deliver them stacked and to the correct location so they don’t cause a Health & Safety hazard to your staff or customers.

If you need further packaging materials to help protect any other items such as bubble wrap, transit blankets or packing paper, please visit our Box Shop for more items.

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If you’re after …

  • limiting your organisation's downtime
  • a company that charges no extra for weekends
  • a friendly "can do" attitude
  • peace of mind through our 100% Money Back Guarantee

…then congratulations, you have just found your perfect Office Removal Company!