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Case Studies

Please see below for more detail of some of the jobs we have carried out recently ...

Major Archive File Relocation for Liverpool City Council

The decision by Liverpool City Council (LCC) to move their entire archiving file storage for Adult and Social Care from a building identified for demolition to a new warehouse created the huge task of packing, labelling, moving and unpacking all of the archive files.

Paul Tinsley, Commercial Operations Manager for The Removal Team (TRT), worked closely with LCC's team to ensure the smooth move of over 2,000 linear metres of files stored in the Long Lane depot. ‘The archive move was on a large scale. Added in to the planning was the potential problem that a file may have been needed at a short moment's notice by the court during the move process which made the planning aspect critically important in terms of the labelling system of the packed crates being fully effective at all times during the move,’ says Paul.

The relocation, which took a month in planning and three weeks to execute, required up to 15 staff working on the move at any one time. TRT packed, labelled, relocated and unpacked over 4,000 crates during the move process.

Attention to Detail

It was critical that all the archive files needed to be packed in sequence and each crate labelled so that when the crates were delivered to the new warehouse they were unpacked in their correct place. Any failure to do this would have meant the potential future problem of having to look through the entire archive to find any requested file. This in theory could have held up any court process possibly incurring in-house costs further down the line.

Relocation Completed on Time

The completion of the relocation was done so as planned and on time. Paul Tinsley said, ‘The client and I were extremely happy with how the move process went. There were some minor problems which are expected on moves of this scale, however, these were quickly resolved and the overall project was deemed a massive success.’

St Helens Law Relocation

In Dec 2010, St Helens Law required the merging of two town centre offices into one location which involved the movement of approx 130 staff. From a service and profitability aspect, it was imperative that there was no company downtime throughout the relocation.

The Removal Team tendered for and were successful in being awarded the contract to relocate St Helens Law from their existing offices in St Helens to a new recently renovated office the other side of town. The Removal Team liaised closely with the appointed St Helens Law Project Co-ordinator to advise and instruct on how to best implement the move.

“The client stated that it was imperative the move had zero impact on the service delivery of the company. We therefore planned the relocation to commence on a late Friday afternoon at 5pm. It was vital that all St Helens Law staff and IT had to be operational first thing on the following Monday morning at 09.00am,” said Paul Tinsley, Commercial Operations Manager.

For the relocation, The Removal Team conducted a thorough Health and Safety and Risk Assessment audit, provided over 550 secure and robust storage crates with colour coded labels and security tags, and deployed an 18te Class 2 & 2 x 7.5te removal trucks, 3 Team Leaders and an additional 12 Porters.

On the day of the relocation, our specialist IT team were required to decommission, pack and wrap various high worth equipment from each desk into secure IT crates. These were then carefully loaded along with the furniture onto our trucks with the aid of a 1.5te tail-lift for ease and safe protection of the goods.

Where required, desks and cabinets were dismantled to enable them to be moved out of the offices with ease and to eliminate damage to not only the furniture but to the building. These were then reassembled upon delivery.

At 10:00pm that evening, the fully loaded removal vehicles were parked indoors overnight in our secure purpose built storage facility. The following day, the furniture, IT equipment and crates were delivered to the new offices. The exact location of the items within the building were detailed on our plans, and the items were thus positioned accordingly.

By 3:00pm Saturday afternoon (2 hours ahead of schedule), all of the planned relocation was successfully completed with St Helens Law all ready to start servicing their clients again on Monday morning!

"We have used The Removal Team on several occasions. I never thought that you could ever describe a removal company as "professional" but they are.
They are welll organised and personable. The staff work very hard to please and they know what they are doing. Nothing seems too much for them. I would recommend this company every time without reservation."
Howard Nulty, Chairman, St Helens Law, 2011

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