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Specialising in Public Sector and Education including Hospitals, PCTs, Universities, Councils, Colleges and Schools !!

Short Notice Moves a Speciality.

The work we carry out for the Public Sector forms the largest percentage of work we carry out for any other sector within the realms of our Business Moving. We like to term ourselves experts in this sector and can organise your move right from the planning stage through to the programming and completion.

We promise:

    • We’ll always provide you with the best cost effective advice
    • You will be appointed your very own single point of contact who’ll be available on Blackberry or mobile 24/7 to answer your questions
    • We offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee


Moving Schools, Colleges, Hospitals, PCTs, Universities and more...

We have carried out a number of school moving projects from infant to senior and were also involved in a Government initiative involving the building of a number of new schools.

The Office Removal Team have continued to work for some of the major Colleges and Universities since our first months in business. Since then, we have established a growing reputation in Education for being able to deliver a first class service.

We are flexible to inevitable changes in the working programme and do not charge for short notice cancellations. With our 100% Money Back Guarantee, it is also a totally risk free solution to moving.

Local Councils

This is another field where we have gained a large proportion of our past work from and have developed excellent lines of communication with.

We are currently contracted to carry out ongoing relocations for four Council bodies.

"Prior to using The Removal Team (TRT), Liverpool Community College (LCC) found previous removal companies inconsistent, unprofessional and inexperienced in dealing with the College’s relocation requirements.
During the 9 years LCC have used the services of TRT, they have demonstrated from the outset their professionalism and experience of successfully handling our college relocations. This understanding has enabled the College to streamline our approach and make regular savings on our relocation costs compared to previous charges supplied by other contractors.
The Removal Team are professional, efficient and most importantly flexible in dealing with inevitable last minute changes to the programme. Liverpool Community College will continue to use TRT and would most definitely recommend their services to other colleges and schools."
John Carson, Estates Management, Liverpool Community College

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Case Study

Major Archive File Relocation for Liverpool City Council:

The decision by Liverpool City Council (LCC) to move their entire archiving file storage for Adult and Social Care from a building identified for demolition to a new warehouse created the huge task of packing, labelling, moving and unpacking all of the archive files.

Paul Tinsley, Commercial Operations Manager for The Removal Team (TRT), worked closely with LCC's team to ensure the smooth move of over 2,000 linear metres of files stored in the Long Lane depot.

‘The archive move was on a large scale. Added in to the planning was the potential problem that a file may have been needed at a short moment's notice by the court during the move process which made the planning aspect critically important in terms of the labelling system of the packed crates being fully effective at all times during the move,’ says Paul.

The relocation, which took a month in planning and three weeks to execute, required up to 15 staff working on the move at any one time. TRT packed, labelled, relocated and unpacked over 4,000 crates during the move process.

Attention to detail...

It was critical that all the archive files needed to be packed in sequence and each crate labelled so that when the crates were delivered to the new warehouse they were unpacked in their correct place. Any failure to do this would have meant the potential future problem of having to look through the entire archive to find any requested file. This in theory could have held up any court process possibly incurring in-house costs further down the line.

Job completed on time...

The completion of the relocation was made as planned and on time. Paul Tinsley said, ‘The client and I were extremely happy with how the move process went. There were some minor problems which are expected on moves of this scale, however, these were quickly resolved and the overall project was deemed a massive success.’

If you’re after …

  • limiting your organisation's downtime
  • a company that charges no extra for weekends
  • a friendly "can do" attitude
  • peace of mind through our 100% Money Back Guarantee

…then congratulations, you have just found your perfect Office Removal Company!